After upgrading OS to windows 10 Chrome and Firefox will not run UR reports


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


when I try to run any report from Unified Reports I can click on the report name but it does not run.
This happens on two specific machines.
It does not matter who the log in is.

How can I correct this problem of not being able to run UR reports from these machines?


UIM 8.51
UMP 8.51
UR 8.51
Work station os: Windows 10 64 bit
Chrome version 67.0.3396.87
Fire Fox version: 60.0.2


Client needed to take the following steps to correct this issue
1) uninstall Chrome / FireFox browsers
2) reboot the work station
3) clear the %temp% directory
4) reinstall the latest version of Chrome / FireFox.

Additional Information

The user could also when logged in as administrator not access user roles or server properties in UR.
we could do all of these things with the same user using Internet Explorer on the work station.