How to run external code using Policy Xpress on the vApp
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How to run external code using Policy Xpress on the vApp


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Customer needs to run an external tool to complete some process regarding user accounts. To do this, they need to set up Policy Xpress to run external code and call the external tool - but they are using the Virtual Appliance. In their scenario, they need to run the ldapadd command.


CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance r14.0


Once you log in to the Virtual Appliance via SSH using the "config" user:


1. Create a new directory inside /home/config: 

$ mkdir script 


2. Enable read/write to everyone: 

$ chmod 777 script 


3. Create your script inside the new directory. When finished, run the same chmod command against the script: 

$ chmod 777 /home/config/script/<your_script_name>.sh 


4. Now you create your Policy Xpress and set it to run the script. Make sure you use the full path to the script (/home/config/script/<your_script_name>.sh).


It is important to note that you should not install external software into the appliance. In this case you can try to use "portable" software - software that can be executed without installation, just copying its files to a folder. This way you ensure that no library, environment variable, etc will be changed.