Agile Central - When assigning a parent feature to a user story the 'CHOOSE A PARENT' list is blank


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When choosing a parent feature to associate to a user story the 'CHOOSE A PARENT' list comes up initially with with no choices as illustrated below, why is this happening?

From the QDP view of a user story, the 'choose one' link is selected;

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The CHOOSE A PARENT selection box shows no features;

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Component: ACSAAS


The Project for which the user story is assigned contains no features, therefore the initial (default) search which is looking at the user story project list correctly returns no features.

If the user selects a specific project in the 'CHOOSE A PARENT' selection dialogue box, then features will be returned.  Alternatively if the user closes the dialogue and re-selects the 'choose one' link the list will populate with features in the project hierarchy.



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