Unable to access OpenAPI query builder


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We are unable to access the OpenAPI query builder in this instance of PM 3.5. When you try to load the page, you get redirected to the SSO sign-in and that page is giving an HTTP 500 error.
It is only when doing the query builder that this happens, though - the normal sign-in to CAPC works fine.


In this environment, port 8581 is blocked by the firewall, and port 80 is being used.
the firewall then redirects the request to port 8581.

The code we use to create the url for the metadata used in the odata api requires port 8581 to be in the address.
Without it, the url defaults to a dev environment.


capm 3.x


open port 8581 on the firewall.
use ssh tunnels to bypass the firewall.