No private key message using Tomcat with SSL and Top Secret
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No private key message using Tomcat with SSL and Top Secret


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


When using TOMCAT with SSL, an error message is received indicating NO PRIVATE KEY.


Component: Top Secret® for z/OS


The certificate had no PRIVATE KEY SIZE when listed in Top Secret. This means that the certificate does not have a private key.


The certificate MUST be exported in one of the PKCS12 formats to have the public and the private key. If you use other formats like CERTDER or BASE64, the certificate will only have the public key. Depending on the certificate format, the certificate needs to be FTP'd in binary or ASCII. Click here for more information on FTPing digital certificates in various formats.

Add the certificate to the CERTSITE ACID if multiple users need to share the certificate on keyrings. (If a user ACID is the owner of the certificate, only that ACID can use that certificate.)

Be sure to add any signer/root certificates to the keyring. 

After adding all the certificates to the keyring, recycle TOMCAT to pick up the changes.