Device SNMP community string details in Spectrum
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Device SNMP community string details in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Is there a way in Spectrum we can find out what SNMP community string is being used by all the devices. Can a report be pulled out for all devices, with their SNMP mappings?


Release: a7n0c000000PBNr


You can add the Community_Name attribute id 0x10024 to be displayed in the Results tab after a Locater search. This can be done by editing the $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/common/config/table-model-config.xml file. Copy this file to the $SPECROOT/custom/common/config directory and add a reference to the column-community-config.xml file. The following is an example where I added it near the end:


<column idref="column-device-uuid-config">
<column idref="column-community-config">


Log out of OneClick and then log back in. Run the All Devices Locater search. Right click on any column header in the Results tab and you should see the following:


<Please see attached file for image>

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