Web Viewer SSL configuration
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Web Viewer SSL configuration


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12.1 Web Viewer SSL configuration - How to?
How to initialize Web Viewer after install and configuration are successful?


Component: WBVLUW


000045526 - Configuring Tomcat for SSL with CA OUTPUT Management Web Viewer 12.1 KB000032444 - How to set up CCISSL with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
From Customer:
We have successfully configured our QA environment with the latest CAOMWV application version 185. 
The steps we took to resolve this issue:

1. Getting the proper certificate for MVS systems.
2. Adding the certificates to a keystore and saving the keystore in the config folder.
3. Running config.bat and setting the configuration for CCISSL and DRAS
4. Select SSL version TLSV1.2
5. Add keystore and provide the correct alias of the certificate
6. Test the connection 
7. Add DRAS settings
8. Add Admin ID
9.Save the config and check the property files
10. Recycle the tomcat service
11. Run the application from browser.
12. Note: Make sure if you have installed the application for the fist time, the first person to login should be the Admin (for 183 version and lower)
13. Verify the application settings - Configuration tab,  After Login.