Finding information on Datacom/AD base products
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Finding information on Datacom/AD base products


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As noted in the Datacom/AD Release Notes:

Datacom/AD  is the relational database management system that is used by many Broadcom products. The environment is a subset of the Datacom  product line. Datacom/AD provides for the access and storage of the data of various using products (application products). Thus, providing significant enhancements to performance while ensuring data integrity and allowing concurrent updates. The complete line of Datacom products are optionally available for use with this relational data.
Using the Agile development methodology, the team develops and releases features between major releases, in response to customer and market requirements by introducing new features.

What Broadcom products use Datacom/AD?





To find out all of the products that use Datacom/AD, the database IDs for that product, and the Datacom components that they use, refer to Products that Use Datacom/AD.

As of June 2024, these are the base products which use Datacom/AD for their repository:

  • APCDDS Automated Report Balancing, CA 7 Report Balancer, and Scheduler Report Balancer
  • CA 7
  • Scheduler
  • JARS (All flavors) and PMA Chargeback
  • NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP and NetMaster
  • WA Restart Option
  • Disk
  • Ideal for Db2
  • Database Management Solutions for IMS Products
  • Common Components and Services
  • Jobtrac

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.