CA PPM: When allocating resources to a project its allocating the same percent of allocation to each task


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We are having an issue such that when resource allocations are assigned to a specific resource on a project for example an allocation of 50% to a project, it is assigning 50% of their time per task on any task the resource is assigned to. If the resource is assigned to 3 tasks on that project , then 20 hours is distributed per task resulting in 60 hours for a specific week to that project and therefore over allocating them.




Confirmed that this is working as designed. The system wouldn't know how much or what % of time to allocate to each of the assigned tasks. Thus, it uses that same % and gives it to each task the resource is assigned to. It is up to the project manager to go through and allocate the time appropriately through the tasks as they are familiar with how much time the tasks will require etc. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent the over-allocation from occurring in the way the product is currently designed.