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On Linux/Unix command caf is not found. For example "caf status" command returns error like :

bash: caf: command not found..


ksh: caf: not found

Example :

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This problem could occur if the path /opt/CA/SharedComponents/bin is not present in PATH variable and/or if variable CASHCOMP is not set or contains wrong value.

CASHCOMP should contain the path for Shared Components. Example : /opt/CA/SharedComponents

In the example below, CASHCOMP variable is empty and PATH variable does not contain path for /opt/CA/SharedComponents/bin

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The directory /opt/CA/SharedComponents/bin contains a lot of symbolic links and especially symbolic link for caf :

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CA Client Automation agent on Linux/Unix


1- Execute this command to load the CA profile :
. /etc/profile.CA
2 - Check with these echo commands :

echo $PATH

  • If CASHCOMP is set and contains correct value. The directory $CASHCOMP/bin should exist and contain the symbolic link caf
  • If PATH variable contains the path for $CASHCOMP/bin

3- If CASHCOMP does not contain the correct value it could be corrected by editing the file /etc/profile.CA
Example of good configuration

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