Compatibility and Lifecycle Information for Mainframe Products


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How is it possible to retrieve from CA SupportOnline the necessary information regarding :

-  Lifecycle of CA Products 
- Compatibility of CA products with the most common Mainframe Interfaces 


Z/OS - CICS - Z14 - DB2 - CA Mainframe Products 


From CA Portal  HOME Page, 'Mainframe Software' should be selected. Then, it should be selected the link 'Compatibility Matrix' .

Here there are the URL link related to the following type of compatibility information :

Selecting each of them, it is possible to gather the specific compatibility information for all the licensed Mainframe CA Products.

Note: In general it is required to login to view all the information. 

After logging in, it is possible to view or download the details on any upgrade requirements. 

Following are direct links to the Compatibilities and Lifecycle pages:

1. CA Maintenance Compatibilities

2. Release and Support Lifecycle Dates

Here it is possible to select for each of the listed CA Products, the following information :
  • Various compatibility requirements
  • All the available Releases with the GA date
  • Service Pack/Genlevel official Product Announcement
  • End of Service (EOS)
  • End of Life (EOL) or Stabilization Date

If You are looking for compatibility information or solutions not listed on the above chart, or some of the reported information are not  very clear, Please open a Case with Broadcom Support.