Many CLOSE_WAIT connections by NAS probe


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


analyzing some intermittent connection problems between hubs tunneling we've found many connections in CLOSE_WAIT on our UIM Server (about 25000). 
  • We've 1 hub tunnel server connected to 24 hub tunnel client
  • All nas probes located in tunnel client replicate alarms in one direction to nas probe located to tunnel server
  • All Infrastructure Managers are connected to hub tunnel server

Analyzing CLOSE_WAIT connections we find that they are all assigned to NAS probe. Deactivating and activating again nas probe resolve the problem but after 2 days we've again many CLOSE_WAIT connections (about 14000).



NAS version 9.00
HUB version 7.93
Robot version 7.93HF5


This is a know issue and is resolved in the following NAS hotfixes

NAS 9.0 HF1
NAS 8.56 HF2

These can be downloaded from the UIM Hotfix Index