[ARA] DM package can not assign Component to Deployment Target if they are difference type


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CA Continuous Delivery Automation - Automation Engine


Our customer can not use DM package to assign Deployment target to a component if the type are difference.
C:\uc4prd\v12\agents\bin>java -jar C:\uc4prd\v12\agents\Resources\0002\dm-tool.jar rm ChangeDeploymentProfileTarget -u "http://vvnsupwin06/rm7" -un "AE12/2/ARA/ARA" -p "--10C87ACA469EB4C116DC13368DDD308396868906D280DCAB9E0EBF7F47252B1871E1F5E61A42E03D0E3CD3456EFD429D3472896D3F12F026F2E1BB4AAC602464F1448FB9D6CA9618780B02D84F2A2C78221FC33102816AF21B1C5079A29D3A659269D1EC017A0CED1ECA59F60F56AEED053825F328501A223E1FB3F45BADAB6A5E" -pf "Profile4" -tgt "MM2" -an "cs2018" -cmpnt "oncor" 
DMTool: DMTool
DMTool: (c) Automic Software GmbH
DMTool: Version: 1.1.1
DMTool: Date: 2018-04-16 11:45
DMTool: Executing ChangeDeploymentProfileTarget started
DMTool: Started at 2018-05-11 15:42:33
DMTool: =================================================
DMTool: PARAM: deploymentTarget = MM2
DMTool: PARAM: profileName = Profile4
DMTool: PARAM: username = AE12/2/ARA/ARA
DMTool: PARAM: loglevel = 
DMTool: PARAM: url = http://vvnsupwin06/rm7
DMTool: PARAM: component = HHT
DMTool: PARAM: delete = 
DMTool: PARAM: applicationName = cs2018
DMTool: =================================================
DMTool: Executing rm ChangeDeploymentProfileTarget finished
DMTool: Ended at 2018-05-11 15:42:37
DMTool: Elapsed Time: 0 min, 3 sec
DMTool: Return Code: 0



Package.Bond 1.1.1


The issue was found and fixed with  
  • Package.Bond 1.2.0
  • Package.Bond 1.1.2 
The Package is available for download at the Automic-Support-Zone (https://support.automic.com).
Hotfix-Description: Action DM Add Deployment Target to Component cannot assign deployment target to component if their custom type unmatched Cannot use action Add Deployment Target to Component to assign deployment target to component if their custom type unmatched