Does CA PPM (On-Premise) support MS SQL Azure database?


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Does CA PPM (On-Premise) support MS SQL Azure database?

SQL Azure is Microsoft's cloud database offering.



CA PPM 15.4 and below at the time of writing.
All future CA PPM versions until explicitly mentioned in the Release Notes.


CA PPM 15.4 On-Premise and below is not certified with the the MS SQL Azure database.

All Release Information is kept at CA DocOps, and will contain a similar page for each version:

CA PPM - 15.4 - Release Notes (On Premise) 
Hardware and Software Compatibility Requirements 

The Microsoft Azure Database is not listed, and therefore not certified. 

However,  CA PPM comes in a SaaS version (CA PPM On-Demand).
So sites that require a SaaS solution have an offering available. The majority of our customer base is uses this On-Demand version.

Using SQL Azure is technically possible. However, CA does not certify it, and so would not release a specific patch for this platform if it was required.

CA Communities for CA PPM is a good location to discuss such issues, or to raise an Idea to request such a feature (please search first to see if the Idea exists).
This post contains CA Support's official position on Azure, at the time of writing (June 2018).

Moving CA Clarity PPM 14.2 On-Premise to AWS/Azure Cloud 

To paraphrase:
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We treat cloud providers (eg SQL Azure) the same as any On Premise/Hosting arrangement. We do not support infrastructure.

If you choose to deploy on this platform, you are responsible for this configuration.
CA Support only supports the CA PPM application when running on a certified architecture stack, as from the Release Notes.

There are customers who are running CA PPM on AWS and Azure both. They are unsupported if the problem is related to operating on those platforms.
We have had few problems reported with multicast when the platform provided was not allowing it.
CA PPM requires multicast to properly function.

Before making the decision to choose any cloud provider, please make sure they can and will support CA PPM requirements. 

Our SAAS environments are fully setup to accommodate CA PPM, so this is certified option available to those sites that require SAAS.
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Additional Information

Microsoft Azure
"Azure SQL Database is the intelligent, fully managed relational cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility, so you can migrate your SQL Server databases without changing your apps."

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