NFS mount ERROR: mount: unknown filesystem type 'nfs'
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NFS mount ERROR: mount: unknown filesystem type 'nfs'


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We are getting an error while trying to permanently mount NFS share on virtual appliance.

ERROR: mount: unknown filesystem type 'nfs'


Component: IDSVA


Mount the filesystem using the vers=3 and nolock options.

The following information is available from any linux man page for nfs.
The NFS protocol version number used to contact the server's NFS service. If the server does not support the requested version, the mount request fails. If this option is not specified, the client negotiates a suitable version with the server, trying version 4 first, version 3 second, and version 2 last.
This option is an alternative to the nfsvers option. It is included for compatibility with other operating systems
lock / nolock
Selects whether to use the NLM sideband protocol to lock files on the server. If neither option is specified (or if lock is specified), NLM locking is used for this mount point. When using the nolock option, applications can lock files, but such locks provide exclusion only against other applications running on the same client. Remote applications are not affected by these locks.
NLM locking must be disabled with the nolock option when using NFS to mount /var because /var contains files used by the NLM implementation on Linux. Using the nolock option is also required when mounting exports on NFS servers that do not support the NLM protocol.