How to migrate CA Performance Management to new servers
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How to migrate CA Performance Management to new servers


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There are times when an upgrade to a new product release will require new systems to support more modern Operating System releases. This often leads to the requirement of migrating the old installation to new servers.

How is the CA Performance Management environment migrated from old to new servers, while maintaining existing databases and configurations or customization's?


All supported CA Performance Management releases


Migrations are laid out in the following Wiki doc location. Note this is specific to the current release at the time this was written, r3.5. Change to the release being upgraded to as needed to ensure the correct instructions are followed.


It shows various scenarios with instructions about how to save the various DB's and customization's from the originating system and load them into the new one.

The basic process comes down to saving the MySql netqosportal and em databases on the CA Performance Center server. The Data Repository server database is also saved.

The new installation is completed on the new systems and the databases and other customization's are loaded into the new system.

Additional Information

In the only documentation there is a Version link that can be used to select different release documentation to make it easy to find the correct documentation for the release being installed.