Identity Portal forms - Modify user - api.getSubject() usage
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Identity Portal forms - Modify user - api.getSubject() usage


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In a Modify form, in some handlers, I need to get some properties related to the user passed in the context (i.e. %STRING_01%, %ORG_MEMBERSHIP%, ...).

The manual for api.getSubject() says:
"Returns an array of the managed objects in the context of the form. The managed object types are either user or group." 

In my case for modify user, I should find a "User" (com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsapi.managedobject.User ?) in the first position of the array, in fact the user is correctly fetched in the form and I can see the fields. If I try:

var subject = api.getSubject();
var user = subject[0];
console.log("Friendly name: " +  user.getFriendlyName());
I get an error: user.getFriendlyName is not a function.

How to code the script to get user attribute values?


Component: SIGMA


First of all, the user attributes available in the user object and returned by "api.getSubject()" are the attributes configured in the Managed Object Attributes screen (in the Admin UI -> Setup).
Make sure that the required attribute is configured in the User Attributes list in the Managed Object Attributes screen.

Sample 1 to display user information in Message prop of an invocation request form 
// This operation is for a single target 
var userObj = api.getSubject()[0];

// Present user data 
prop.message = 'Manager : ' + userObj.userData.Manager + '<br>' 
+ 'Email : ' + userObj.userData.Email + '<br>' 
+ 'Phone : ' + userObj.userData.Phone + '<br>' 
+ 'Title: ' + userObj.userData.Title;

Sample 2 to display target users name for bulk access, also in message prop: 
prop.message = 'Users are: <br>'; 
var subject = api.getSubject();

prop.message += user.getDisplayName() + '<br>'; 


Sample 3 to display a User attribute with such a name as "Role Org Based" including blank characters and mapped to a back-end attribute as "%STRING_nn%",
you can get its value for the specific user who is the subject of the request using this:

var userObj = api.getSubject()[0]; 
var roleOrgBased = userObj.userData['Role Org Based'];

now roleOrgBased will contain the value this user has in the %STRING_nn% attribute. 
Notice that if this is a multi value attribute you might need to parse the value.