IDC3351I ** VSAM I/O RETURN CODE IS 108 - RPLFDBWD = X'8408006C'
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IDC3351I ** VSAM I/O RETURN CODE IS 108 - RPLFDBWD = X'8408006C'


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Compress Data Compression for MVS Compress Data Compression for Fujitsu


Compress is being used to dynamically compress/decompress VSAM files. A job using a VSAM file that is being compressed and decompressed fails during processing even when using IDCAMS in a batch REPRO or IMPORT/EXPORT.
Error Message:
IDC3351I ** VSAM I/O RETURN CODE IS 108 - RPLFDBWD = X'8408006C'
This never occurred before and is random on some files but not others.

A random production job that has worked for years is suddenly failing with the following error message:
IDC3351I ** VSAM I/O RETURN CODE IS 108 - RPLFDBWD = X'8408006C'
Have utilized stand alone VSAM utility IDCAMS to perform a REPRO, EXPORT, and IMPORT and receive the same error condition as long as the file is managed by CA Compress.
What is causing this and how do we resolve this?


z/OS any level
Compress any level


When using Compress you have some options to use a File Descriptor Table (FDT) to manage the compress/decompress function for your files. The Record Descriptor Language (RDL) is used to assist you in building a customized FDT. 
If you understand compression ratios and your data in detail then this may be a process you wish to follow to customize your compression rate. This is documented in the Compress Reference Guide.
In today's IT environment not everyone is a compression expert. Compress offers some "standard" FDTs that are provided with the product. These FDTs that are provided are very efficient and in most cases will exceed user defined FDT compression ratios. Compress has developed these FDTs to be utilized as defaults and to assist a customer in making the product implementation as simple as possible and allow a generalized process that will function in any environment.
The error "IDC3351I ** VSAM I/O RETURN CODE IS 108 - RPLFDBWD = X'8408006C'" , in most cases that we have experienced, is caused by a change in the data that is used in the file that no longer is matching the customized FDT.
When you display the FDT for this particular file and see that the FDT value is customized you may want to test the process with a standard provided FDT.
Try using the FDT=STDTBL01       ---> A CA Compress provided FDT
In all cases we have seen in the past, this has resolved the error condition.
If this does resolve your problem recommends you maintain the definition. However, if you still wish to use your own FDT then you will be required to rebuild your FDT to match the data changes. 

Additional Information

See the CA Compress Reference Guide for details on the process required to build a new FDT