Configurable Warning Messages
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Configurable Warning Messages


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VM:Spool lets you monitor the use of spool space on your system by setting up thresholds at which you want to be notified about spool-space usage. 


Release: VMSPLL55400-1.8-VM:Spool


VM:Spool sends messages to inform you when spool-space usage has already reached the level that you identified or when it will soon reach your threshold. The MONITOR record in the VM:Spool configuration file controls spool-space monitoring.

The parameters on the MONITOR record specify:

  • The threshold of spool-space usage at which you want to be notified (SPOOLFUL parameter).
  • How often VM:Spool is to check the spool space (WAITTIME parameter).
  • The time at which you want to be notified of an impending spool-full condition. The time is based on the VM:Spool estimate of the length of time that is required to reach the threshold (WARNTIME parameter).

VM:Spool observes the amount of spool space being used at WAITTIME intervals, combines its last four observations, and calculates spool-space usage trends. If the current trend is toward increasing spool-space usage, VM:Spool projects how soon spool space will reach your defined threshold (SPOOLFUL parameter) if the current trend continues.  If VM:Spool estimates that spool space will reach this threshold within the amount of time you specified on the WARNTIME parameter, VM:Spool sends a warning message to users identified on the MONOPER record. User IDs at other RSCS nodes can receive the messages also.


Additional Information

For more information, refer to MONITOR Record and MONOPER Record