How to create a report on all versions of a software using Software inventory
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How to create a report on all versions of a software using Software inventory


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How to create a report on all versions of a software using Software Inventory.

Example :

Software Test 49.0.2623.112

Software Test 50.0.2661.94

Software Test 51.0.2704.103


Client Automation - All supported versions


1- Create a Software Category containing all Software which should be reported in the report

  • In ITCM GUI under Software/Definitions right click on Categories and choose "New Category

  • Give a name to the Category (example : Software Test).


  • Go under "Software/Definitions/Categories/All Definitions".
    In Filters, select « Show Flat List » and put the name of Software (Eg : Name = *Software Test*). Then click on Apply in order to Apply the filters.


  • Select all Product and Release and right click on the selected list and select Copy


  • Paste this selection on the created category. Right click on the Category and select "Paste - Software Definitions"



The Software are added in the Category

Remark : If new Software version is created later it should be added manually in the category.



2- Create a Query which returns the computers which have at least one version of Software in the Software Inventory

  • Under Queries folder, right click on My Queries and select New

  • Choose Computers in "Select Target"

  • In Query Designer expand "Insert Argument" then "Software". Click on "Discovered Software"

  • "Add Argument" dialog box appears. Expand Categories and click on category created previously.


  • Click on OK. Following line appears in Query Designer :

    (Applications of category 'Software Test')


  • This query returns the list of machines which have at least one Software belonging to the selected Category in its Software Inventory.
    By clicking on Preview we could check that query is working properly.

  • Click on OK and give a name to the query.

    Example : List of machines with Software Test



3- Create a report based on the Query created in step 2 and Software of Category created in step 1

  • Open DSM Reporter

  • In Reporter create a new report.


  • Choose "Asset or User Report"


  • Give a name to the report. Example : Report on Software Test

  • Click on Query tab. Expand "DSM Query" and choose the query created in step 2.


  • Click on Fields tab and click on Add button in order to add the fields. The "Field Browser" dialog box appears.

  • In Category, click on Software icon. Then click on tab "Signature Scan" or "Heuristic" (depending the source of Software in the category created in step 1).


  • In the list, look for the category created in step 1.

  • Expand the category and click on fields "Title" and click on Add button in order to add the field in the report.
    Do the same for "Version Label" 



  • Click OK. Following fields should appear in the report :

    Heuristic Scan [All, Category ‘Software Test’]>Title
    Heuristic Scan [All, Category ‘Software Test’]>Version Label


Remark : If the category contains a mix of Software from source Heuristic and Signature Scan, do the same in the tab "Signature Scan".


  • Click OK in order to finalize the report creation.

  • Right click on the report and select "Run Report" in order to execute it :