Cdm probe does not capture network interface NIC data
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Cdm probe does not capture network interface NIC data


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Cdm probe cannot capture network interfaces in LINUX

The metrics network in CDM probe cannot capture the data to monitor in this case such as network aggregated traffic, network inbound traffic and network outbound traffic. 


CA UIM server v8.5 running on win server 2012 R2 
CDM probe 5.80 running on The SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP4 and RH 7 


cdm parses the sar command output to fetch the network information.

The sar command comes with sysstat package. Without this cdm will not be able to fetch the network information from linux servers. This is a mandatory.


First check if the  below command works in client suse server 

#sar -n DEV | grep 'Average:' |awk '{ print $2,$5,$6 }' 

If does not work probably sysstat package is not installed which provided sar utility 

Some ideas to check (please check with Linux admin) 


- install/ Reinstall sysstat 

zipper install -f sysstat 

- Enable sysytat 

systemctl enable sysstat 

systemctl start sysstat 

service sysstat status 

- Configure sysstat to collect each 1 minute the data (sysstat’s cron file)
Please make sure your Linux system has enough resources to handle an increased collection interval and consult the documentation for your Linux distribution. 

 - Check if “sar -n DEV” command starts to work 

sar -n DEV | grep 'Average:' |awk '{ print $2,$5,$6 }' 

- After that “sar -n DEV” command starts to work configure cdm probe to collect network data .

Final Stage: Please deactivate / activate the cdm probe after the installation of sysstat if probe is already deployed.

Additional Information

Below command is used in linux for network:

rxbyt/s Field from sar command 

txbyt/s Field from sar command 

(rxbyt/s + txbyt/s