How to send an email from CA VM:Operator.
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How to send an email from CA VM:Operator.


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This document summarizes a procedure for setting up VM:OPERATOR to send an email when it receives a particular message. 


The system must have SMPTP configured and running.


Here are guidelines for setting up VM:OPERATOR to send an email when it sees a particular message. You will need the following files. They must reside on your VM:OPERATOR 191 minidisk.

1) LOG on to OPERATOR. Enter END.

2) You need to insert a record in the LOGTABLE. We suggest that you put it at the top of the LOGTABLE. It should look something like:


This would prevent the DTCUTI002E message from being displayed on any system and call VM2EMAIL VMOPER. If you want the DTCUTI002E message to be displayed on OPERATOR in addition to the email, then leave IGNORE off the beginning of that record.

The LOGTABLE file is automatically loaded when a LOGTABLE record appears in the VMOPER CONFIG configuration file. The LOGTABLE can also be loaded or reloaded by using the TABLE subcommand.

3) I have included a separate file with the VM2EMAIL VMOPER that we use here. You will need to copy it on to your VM:OPERATOR 191 minidisk.

4) You will need a file that contains the text for the email. This is identified near the beginning of the VM2EMAIL code above in the line:

fileid   = 'EMAIL TEXT'.

Here is a sample email text.

 EMAIL    TEXT     K1 F 80                  1BLK 09/10/16          1/11


This is a notification email sent from CA VM:Operator running on z/VM system SYS1.


A job got an DTCUTI002E. Important action needs to be taken!                                    


Many manual actions can be automated using CA VM:Operator.  This may be one of them!                       


Have a good day!                                                      

CA VM:Operator                                                        

 * * * End of File * * * *                                            


5) You will also need a NAMES file if you don’t already have one. Ours for this example is called OPERATOR NAMES.



:nick.SYSPROG1 :userid.SYSPROG1       

               :name.Main SYSPROG Office EMail   


:nick.SYSPROG2 :userid.DOEJO01       

               :name.Joe Doe's Office Email


:nick.SYSPROG3 :userid.DOEJA01       

               :name.Jane Doe's Office EMail      



6) You can run this exec to test the message. You will need to change 'VMYaaaa' to the User ID that is running VM:Operator. Also change DTCUTI002E if you substituted a different message code in the IGNORE SPAWN statement that you put in the LOGTABLE in step 1. This test file will NOT go on your VM:OPERATOR 191 minidisk.  Create this file on VMANAGER.

 DENIAL   EXEC     L1 V 71                  1BLK 09/10/16          1/3 


/* Send a Denial of Service message to VM:Operator */                  


'MSG VMYaaaa DTCUTI002E A denial of service attack has been detected.'


 * * * End of File * * * *                

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