A New feature "Tab Selection" has been introduced Web Viewer 12.1
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A New feature "Tab Selection" has been introduced Web Viewer 12.1


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Output Management Web Viewer


How to configure tabs that the user can see after logging into Web Viewer. This enhancement was written in response to customer requests.

In Webviewer 12.0 and 12.1, a subscription tab was added at the left side of the menu.  Many customers do not use this tab and do not want the subscription tab to be displayed.


Release: Web Viewer


To use this enhancement you must be running CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 and apply RO93930 OPTIMAL USABILTY OF TABS IN MAIN FORM. This is cumulative build 164.  This functionality is included in all builds starting with build 164.

The Administration > Role panel has a new sub-tab, "Tab Selection". The Web Viewer administrator may use this to define which tabs are available to an end user based on role and the display order of the tabs. The left-most tab will be the initial (default) tab presented to the end-user.  Please note that available & required tabs are based on the role type.

Here are the steps to configure and hide tabs the user sees after logging into Web Viewer.

  1. Log in and select the administration tab
  2. Select Role  (There is a new sub-tab where the primary tabs can be customized using show/hide and order.)
  3. Click on the role where you want to modify the form displayed to the user.
  4. Click on Create Sub on the menu above
  5. Fill in a new role name for the sub tab
  6. Move repositories and users from left to right as needed.
  7. Select Tab Selection.   


Additional Information

Please note that the end user has no new settings; this feature just changes what he sees based on admin settings.