How to monitor vCenter in CAPM
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How to monitor vCenter in CAPM


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CA Performance Management can discover and monitor your VMware virtual machines and ESX hosts. 

CA Performance Management discovers ESX hosts and virtual machines in the following ways: 

- Through ICMP 
- Through SNMP, if the servers have an SNMP agent deployed 
- Through discovery of a server running systemEdge with the VCAIM 

You can discover the VMs and ESX Hosts directly with SNMP. If you need to collect vCenter data you will need to install the vCenter Server Application Insight Module (VCAIM). 


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.8-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator


If you want to monitor vCenter then you need to install VCAIM. Below is the KB explaining the VCAIM installation procedures:

VCAIM is CA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers, you download this product from the Download Center by searching for system EDGE product. If you can't see this product, please open a service desk case so that the team can resolve the problem.  

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