CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance DSA does not exist
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CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance DSA does not exist


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Our DSAs have shut down and now won't start up. We notice the following errors in the logs. 

ca-prov-srv-01-impd-inc does not exist
UserStore_userstore-01 does not exist
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-main does not exist
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify does not exist
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-co does not exist
ca-prov-srv-01-imps-router does not exist

How can we resolve this error? The DXI Files exist as well.


Identity Suite 14.1
CA Directory


Sometimes on Virtual Appliance if the DSAs are stopped abruptly this will occur. To resolve this please perform the following steps.

1) Stop all DSAs via command dxserver stop all
2) CD $DXHOME\pid
3) You should notice there are files inside this directory. You will need to delete all the files here. (If you like you can back them up temporarily)
4) Once the files are deleted start all the DSAs via command dxserver start all
5) All PIDs should be recreated and your DSAs should start up successfully


Additional Information

Sometimes this occurs when the DSAs are shut down abruptly. Be sure to stop all DSAs when necessary via the command dxserver stop all