CA API Developer Portal - 3.5 - How to uninstall it
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CA API Developer Portal - 3.5 - How to uninstall it


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


Users need to unistall the versiĆ³n 3.5 for CA API Developer Portal.
How can I do this?



Portal 3.5


The Portal is shipped as OVA file, therefore it is not possible to uninstall it, if you really do want to start from scratch then download the ova file and deploy to a new server. 

There is no official document to uninstall the OVA file. Here are unofficial steps which may help you in this regard. 

1. Remove Portal Services 
- API Portal Integration Service 
- API Key Management Service 
- API Portal Data Lens Service 

2. Remove Cluster-Wide Properties 
- portal.account.plans.fragment.guid 
- portal.api.plans.fragment.guid 
- portal.deleted.apis.folderId 
- portal.oauth1.fragment.guid 
- portal.oauth2.encass.guid 

3. Portal Private Keys/Certificates 
- you may want to remove these, however, I don't think it is necessary 

4. Portal User Accounts 
- again, probably not necessary but something to consider 

5. Manually Remove Gateway Components 
the file installs the portal metrics sync utility and it will need to be removed 

- remove /opt/SecureSpan/ApiPortal 
- also remove the gateway user apiportal.cron task 

the file also installs modular assertions that will need to be removed: 
- remove /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/modules/assertions/ApiPortalIntegrationAssertion-x.x.aar 
- remove /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/modules/assertions/ApiPortalDataLensAssertion-x.x.aar