Changing the MDB that catalog points to
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Changing the MDB that catalog points to


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CA Service Catalog


This is a concise list of steps needed to move an existing Catalog installation to a new MDB

Often you may want to restore an MDB for testing or move environments around. The documentation does contain a section on Migration for Catalog but this is a concise list of steps needed to simply point a working Catalog to a new MDB.


Catalog 14.1 or higher install with a new or restored MDB


  1. Open a command prompt and change the directory to USM_HOME/scripts

  2. You will find encrypter.bat file. Run the below command to encrypt your MDB password (usually the MDBADMIN password)
    encrypter.bat <Your Password>

  3. You will be present with the encrypted password

  4. Copy the password and update the file under USM_HOME directory for the following parameters
    DBSource.password = <Paste the new encrypted Password here>
    DBSource.username = your mdbadmin or equivalent database user

  5. under the mdb.deploy values set the correct values for your new MDB database.

    Settings such as "mdb.deploy.usmpassword" will need the above to re-encrypt the password.
    The "DBSource.url" may also need to be updated to reflect the new database server

  6. If your MDB had a different Catalog installation running on it then open a Service Management CMD prompt from the start menu and run:
     ant update-usm-host

  7. If your MDB did not have an existing Catalog running on it then you will need to run the Catalog Setup utility.


Additional Information

Please review KB article 38673 if the above ant command errors out.