Identity Portal overlay does not disappear
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Identity Portal overlay does not disappear


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Using  Identity Governance with Identity Portal 12.6.2, an issue was noted when using the campaign search feature.

On the campaign tasks view, there is a search bar that does not allow the use of wildcard.

If you input a string with wildcard "*_CSR" and run the search, a bar appear to notify that a filter is applied but nothing has changed at this point

If you now click on the search button again, an error appears. If you click on "More details" you see that the wildcard is not supported.

Now click on "Clear search results" to cancel the filter. The results are returned to the screen but the error overlay is still visible and you need to reload the page because everything below the error is not clickable.


 Identity Governance with Identity Portal 12.6.2 


This is a rendering issue.


This issue  has been addressed in the CA Identity Manager Suite release 14.2