508 compliance for CA Repository
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508 compliance for CA Repository


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Is CA Repository 508 Compliant?


Component: XTR


This section summarizes the accessibility of CA Repository as tested for Section 508 compliance using a 3270 emulator.   

3270 Emulator Access

When accessed through a 3270 emulator, CA Repository offers the following accessibility:
  • All functions can be performed using the keyboard only.
  • The product inherits the following OS accessibility features:
    • Filter keys
    • Mouse keys
    • Serial keys
    • Sticky keys
    • Toggle keys
Exceptions: The product does not inherit changes to OS contrast settings. This attribute is outside the control of the product, because the user emulator controls this attribute.
  • A well-defined on-screen indication of the current focus is provided programmatically. Use of the Tab key can place the cursor unexpectedly on unprotected fields, which can hinder screen reader accessibility.
  • The application uses user interface elements with visual semantics that are not programmatically available to assistive technology through the emulator. This exception limits accessibility for AT users.
  • Textual information is provided through operating system functions for displaying text.
  • Color and contrast are changeable by the user in the emulator; the product inherits these changes. A variety of color combinations that can create various degrees of contrast are available in the emulator: black text on white background, blue text on white background, yellow text on black background.
  • Electronic forms in the product can be completed using the keyboard. However, a screen reader is unable to prompt users to fill in form fields, requiring the screen reader user to examine the textual screen content to determine what fields are present.
  • This product supports the use of Assistive Technology screen readers by blind and visually impaired users. However, screen readers do not have access to user interface element semantics, requiring the user to examine the textual screen content to determine available options, entry fields, keyboard shortcuts, and application responses.
  • This product does not require user hearing or speech.
  • This product can be used in a mouseless, keyboard-only mode. In addition, the product supports OS accessibility features.