Custom Authentication compile problems
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Custom Authentication compile problems


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I am trying to compile the DefaultAuthenticationModule located at

I am using the support libraries found in, as instructed by the same docops page:
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\lib

Unfortunately, I am unable to compile even this sample code with the libraries into that location.
The error I get is: error: cannot find symbol: class AuthenticationModule
Upon further inspecting the jar files in that tools\lib directory, none contain the AuthenticationModule class required.
Which libraries should I use to compile/create an AuthenticationModule?


Component: IDMNG


You need to add into your Java Build Path the user_console.jar from the iam_im.ear/user_console.war/WEB-INF/lib.
This jar file includes the AuthenticationModule class you will extend.

You also need to add into your Java Build Path the javax.servlet.http material.
With Jboss, it can be jboss-servlet-api_3.0_spec-1.0.2.Final-redhat-2.jar under modules/system/layers/base/javax/servlet/api/main directory or folder.