Problem with the Sesskey usage
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Problem with the Sesskey usage


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


We have been working with the Sesskey usage (/ PF key) for TPX and everything was looking good, but then we noticed that on the main TPX panel, when you press the Sesskey value (without the slash), it takes you to the session associated with the Sesskey instead of doing the function associated with that PF key (bottom of the panel). For example, when I go to hit PF1 to get Help, it takes me to the session associated with the Sesskey instead of bringing up the Help panel. We know we can get to Help by typing Help on the Command line, but we are looking for a way to make the PF key behavior act the same way on the main TPX panel as it does on all the other panels where it requires the / to be input in order to activate the Sesskey. The / PF key action does work on the main panel, but that does not resolve the fact that the PF key without the slash having the same behavior. Not using PF1 for a Sesskey value is not an acceptable option. Is there a parameter that can be set to control that behavior? 


Release: NVINAM00200-5.4-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package


Within an application session TPX will monitor for the "command character +a PF key" to check for session key match and switch to it if the PF key maps to an application session.
If a session key is defined, it will take precedence. The PF13 key (if not used as a session key) can be used as the help key.
The HELP panel cannot be reassigned to another PF key.
If both the PF1 and PF13 key has been defined to a session key then you will need to key HELP at command line to invoke the help panel.