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What is the process that returns the values for pdm_webstat? How do we check when the values for the 'cumulative sessions so far' were last reset?


Service Desk/CMDB 12.9, 14.1, 17.X on Windows/Unix/Linux


slump process returns the results for pdm_webstat. And slump gets the numbers from each webengines so it is the webengine that keeps the data. These data are not saved anywhere but kept in webengine process therefore all the data will be "reset" when the webengine recycles, including "cumulative sessions so far"...that is, when webengine starts, it internally keeps these numbers and once the webengine stops, all these numbers are gone. The only way to check these data is thru pdm_webstat. If you want a history of these data, you can use a batch file with pdm_webstat command and schedule to run this batch file periodically(like every 3 minutes).