PIM r12.8 SP1: Oracle Exadata 4.1.12-94.8.4 seload failed
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PIM r12.8 SP1: Oracle Exadata 4.1.12-94.8.4 seload failed


Article ID: 100598


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


# /opt/seos/bin/seload 
CA ControlMinder seload v12.81.0.3134 - Loader Utility 
Copyright (c) 2013 CA. All rights reserved. 
SEOS_load: Executing un/load exit file, /opt/CA/AccessControl/exits/LOAD/SEOS_load_int.always -pre 

seos; resolved symbols: 
Symbol Value Status 
sys_call_table 0xffffffff81a75040 done 
do_execve 0xffffffff8120c040 done 
do_fork 0xffffffff810827a0 done 
getname_kernel 0xffffffff81215540 done 
lookup_address 0xffffffff8106e480 done 
randomize_va_space 0xffffffff81bde990 done 
sys_ni_syscall 0xffffffff810a3c50 done 
int_ret_from_sys_call 0xffffffff816b048c done 
ia32_sys_call_table 0xffffffff81a75f40 done 
tasklist_lock 0xffffffff81a620c0 done 
clflush_cache_range 0xffffffff8106d4b0 done 
cpa_lock 0xffffffff81e66a60 done 
find_task_by_pid_ns 0xffffffff810a1360 done 
flush_tlb_all 0xffffffff81073210 done 
stub_fork 0xffffffff816b0670 done 
stub_vfork 0xffffffff816b0680 done 
stub_clone 0xffffffff816b0660 done 
stub_execve 0xffffffff816b0690 done 
stub_execveat 0xffffffff816b06c0 done 
stub32_execveat 0xffffffff816b06d0 done 
getname_flags 0xffffffff812156f0 done 
do_execveat 0xffffffff8120c070 done 
do_execveat_common 0x0 init 
stub32_fork 0xffffffff816b71f0 done 
stub32_vfork 0xffffffff816b7200 done 
stub32_execve 0xffffffff816b06c8 done 
stub32_clone 0xffffffff816b7210 done 
SEOS_load: Executing un/load exit file, /opt/CA/AccessControl/exits/LOAD/SEOS_load_int.always -post 
SEOS_load: SEOS_syscall WASN'T loaded


Component: SEOSU


This issue is resolved with testfix T47D130 and disabling EFI Secure Boot feature on the filesystem.