Invalid entity collection or function name 'odata'
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Invalid entity collection or function name 'odata'


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When trying to launch query builder the following message is seen "Invalid entity collection or function name 'odata'"  and the querybuilder goes on to the initializing stage and never comes up.  Here is the full message:

{"message":"HTTP request failed","request":{"requestUri":"http://<DA>:8581/odata/api/$metadata","recognizeDates":false,"callbackParameterName":"$callback","formatQueryString":"$format=json","enableJsonpCallback":false,"inferJsonLightFeedAsObject":false,"method":"GET","headers":{"Accept":"application/xml","MaxDataServiceVersion":"3.0"}},"response":{"requestUri":"http://<DA host>:8581/odata/api/$metadata","statusCode":500,"statusText":"Server Error","headers":[],"body":"<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><error xmlns=\"\"><code/><message xml:lang=\"en\">Invalid entity collection or function name 'odata'.</message></error>"}}


CAPM 3.x

CAPM 20.x


1. Go to 

      http://DA:8581/system/console/bundles in a browser 

      (replace DA with your DA)

2. If presented with a login use karaf / karaf: 

3. Search for and restart (refresh package icon) the following 4 services in this UI: 

  • 184
  • 185 odata-services.implodata-services.impl
  • 187
  • 186 


You should now be able to log into and use query builder