Traps causing Reaper Service to crash in NFA 9.3.6 and later
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Traps causing Reaper Service to crash in NFA 9.3.6 and later


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


The CA NFA Reaper Service crashes when trying to send traps in NFA 9.3.6 and later.


NFA 9.3.6 and later.


Changes made to the CA NFA harvester.parameter_descriptions table.
In 9.3.3 and earlier, there was a Realtimereaper_runAlarms setting in the harvester.parameter_descriptions table that needed to be set to '1' in or order for the Reaper to send traps.
If you have that settings set to 1, it will cause the Reaper to crash in NFA 9.3.6 and later.

In 9.3.6 there is a new parameter named Reaper_RunAlarms which now needs to be set to 1 instead, in order to send traps.

You can verify this with the query below:
mysql -P3308 -D harvester -unetqos -pnetqos -t -e "select * from parameter_descriptions where parameter='RealtimeReaper_RunAlarms';"



To verify this old setting is set to 0 run the following command:

mysql -P3308 -D harvester -unetqos -pnetqos -t -e "update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='0' where parameter='RealtimeReaper_RunAlarms';"

Then start up the CA NFA Reaper service and it should remain running if this was the cause of the problem.