"Partial sync" in universe.log after Upgrade
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"Partial sync" in universe.log after Upgrade


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


After upgrading a Dollar Universe node to a superior version all nodes get the following message in universe.log every X minutes:
|INFO|X|IO|pid=p.t|io_sync_nodes| Partial sync: 1 node update received

Additionally, the Version of the node displayed in UVC switches from previous version to current version all the time.


Dollar Universe 6.x


A Clone Server has the same Dollar Universe node ( same company name / node name / passphrase)  running on previous version, so the UVMS distributes the new version to all nodes every time a Synchronization is done.


Stop / Uninstall Dollar Universe on the Clone Server.
In order to find out the hostname that performs the request, you can do the following:

1. On the Node where the version displayed switches from previous to current version, go to Node Settings - Logging and modify 
Main Log Level from 0 to 0,IOSYNC

You will get the following kind of message in universe.log stating what node is causing the issue:
|INFO|X|IO|pid=p.t|node_create|Node <NODE_NAME> successfully updated in node table
This message means that there's something wrong with DUAS node "NODE_NAME"

2. Go to the server hosting DUAS node called  "NODE_NAME" and update the passphrase of the node via the following commands:
load Dollar Universe environment
unims -update  -login <uvms_login> -pwd <uvms_password>

3. Go to UVMS Server and check uvserver.log, the clone DUAS  node will no longer be able to synchronize and you will an error message with the hostname where is running:
|ERROR| request-worker | com.orsyp.central.server.AuthentificationStdImpl | Passphrase not authorized for NODE_NAME, request coming from:clone_server.domain.com

4. Connect to the clone_server.domain.com and Stop / Uninstall the Clone Dollar Universe Node.