Recall job processing.
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Recall job processing.


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VM:Archiver for z/VM


VM:Archiver builds recall jobs to recall files and minidisks from tape.

There are two kinds of recall jobs: delayed and immediate. 






Release: VMARCH00400-2.4-VM:Archiver


In delayed recalls, VM:Archiver builds and submits a job when the operator or an event issues the SUBMIT RECALLS command. At this time, all delayed recall requests from any user since the last SUBMIT RECALLS command was issued are included in the job. Under some circumstances, VM:Archiver builds more than one restore job. VM:Archiver tries to combine as many recall requests into a single VM:Backup restore job as possible; however, the characteristics of each request might prevent it from being included with other requests. These characteristics can include the options specified on the recall request, the target to which the data is to be restored, the source from where the data was originally archived, and which data set contains the data to be restored.

In immediate recalls, VM:Archiver builds and submits a job for each RECALL command with the IMMED option that was issued by a user. If the user is batching immediate recall requests, VM:Archiver builds and submits one or more jobs for all of the immediate recall requests issued by the user between the BATCH ON and BATCH OFF commands.




Additional Information

Refer to the BATCH command in the VM:Archiver Command Reference for information on batching immediate recall requests which can be accessed at: