IDMS CV will not shutdown - what to do?
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IDMS CV will not shutdown - what to do?


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Very occasionally, an attempt to shut down an IDMS Central Version will not work. The CV hangs and does not shut down. This is very rare but it does happen.


Release: All supported releases.


If it is possible to get to the ENTER NEXT TASK CODE: prompt to issue online commands, try to see if there are any active user tasks (DCMT D AC TA) and if there are, cancel them (DCMT V AC TA TE TA taskid).

If there are any batch jobs running batch-CV transactions against this CV, try to cancel them from the operating system.

The IMMEDIATE option on the DCMT SHUTDOWN command will attempt to do the above before issuing the shutdown. If the shutdown procedure does not use IMMEDIATE, then try that. If none of this works, then cancel the CV with a dump and restart it - this should work fine. It is a good idea to achieve a clean shutdown, so then shut it down again straight away.

CV hanging at shutdown is something which should not happen, so open an issue with technical support and send in the dump for analysis.

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