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Does Clarity work with MSP "365" / Click to Run / Project Online versions?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  1. Are Microsoft Project (MS Project) "OS365" / "MS365"/ Click to Run (C2R) / Project Online versions compatible with Clarity? 
  2. If Yes, what version is the C2R version supported in?
    • For example, CA PPM 15.3 (SaaS) and MS Project 2016 (Office 365 version, not standalone version).
    • Is it compatible with the Clarity MSP Integrator/Interrace for 15.8.1?


Release: All Supported Releases
Component:  MSP


  1. For Clarity versions 15.6.1 and higher:
  • Starting in Clarity Version 15.6.1 and higher the Click-to-Run / Office 365 is supported with the MSP Interface.
  • Project Online Client Desktop is supported but not Project Online Browser
    • Excerpt from the documentation here: 
      The Microsoft Project (MSP) interface requires .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher. MSP support now includes C2R editions/Project Online Client Desktop of 2016 and 2019, and either 32-bit or 64-bit editions. However, MSP Online browser edition is not supported
    • See the Clarity PPM 15.6.1 Release Notes for more details. 

       2. For Clarity PPM Versions 15.6 and lower, Office 365 is not supported with the MSP Interface

  • As referenced in the compatibilities section of the documentation for CA PPM 15.4.1 (refer to the compatibilities section of your PPM Version for exact Microsoft Office support):

"Microsoft Office 365 2013 and 2016 are supported. CA PPM also supports the Click-to-Run virtualization option; however, Microsoft Project is not supported with this option." 

  • One way to confirm if your version of MS Project is an Office 365 version, is to search for that specific version on the internet.
    • Update history for Office 365 ProPlus (listed by date) 

    • For MSI versions of MSP, check KB000011553 for the list of supported MS Updates based on the MSP Driver type (new driver/legacy) and PPM Version.

Additional Information

See the below for some of the known KB Articles regarding issues/defects in working with MSP:
  • Reference KB000071385 - CA PPM and MSP integration - List of Knowledge Documents
  • Reference KB000015956 - CA PPM and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index