TPX Timeout Behavior
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TPX Timeout Behavior


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


We have had a user experience the following behavior and was wondering if that had anything to do with the parameter highlighted below.
• User signs onto multiple CICS sessions in TPX
• User is away for an extended period of time • The sessions on the TPX main panel still show highlighted as if they are active, but the CICS connectivity behind the scenes has timed out
• When the user reselects the Sessid, it takes them into that session, but it does not do the “auto sign-on (ACL)” logic like it did when they initially signed into that application
• User states that in Teleview, they could select the session # once and then select it again and it would work as expected (do the auto sign-on).


TPX V5.4


Code the Session Initiation/Termination Exit for Call Point 8 (Terminal session termination normal or abnormal). A return code of 4 causes Kill APPL sessions (UNBIND in Teleview terminalogy).
Sample exit TPXUSIS2 is available in your CB0VSRC library (Samples) is the one to review.