Confirming no new PTFEs before 6/9/18 PPF migration
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Confirming no new PTFEs before 6/9/18 PPF migration


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This weekend on our PRODUCTION PPF sysplex we are migrating TSS v16 CARS 1804 (+ the HIPER closing the loophole for suspended batch acids and its prereqs). An SMPE error sysmod report shows no unresolved PTFEs, but management requires confirmation from the vendor that nothing migrated to PPF is (or will shortly be) deemed a PTFE. This maintenance Includes ALL current TSS v16 fixes with the EXCEPTION of the following newer fixes which are NOT RECEIVED. Unless listed here, all other fixes are APPLIED and part of the migration: NOT RECEIVED RO98984 CORRECT INSTALLATION EXIT INCONSISTENCIES SO00279 INCREASE TSS7175E SIGNON MESSAGE DELAY SO01570 INACTIVE ACIDS USING PASSPHRASE FAIL WITH TSS7143 SO01631 INCREASE MAXPERMIT FOR RDT CLASS CATAPE TO 44 SO01882 ADDING MFA FIELDS TO ARCHIVE SO03596 ADD FSEXEC RESOURCE CLASS SO03648 LIST(PROFILE) DATA(PASS) MISSING PASS = *NONE*


Component: TSSMVS


Earlier today the CARS1805 level for z/OS was made available to customers for download. In support of CARS1804 becoming available the following communications were activities were done. 
1) Updated the CA RS for z/OS Release Grid to show customers the OS environment in the IST lab during the CARS1805 testing. 
2) Updated the CARS1805 PDF reports to show customers which PTFs by product are included in CARS1805. 
3) Added a CARS1805.TXT file and updated YEAR2018.TXT file respectively to FTP sites and for customer download. 
4) Updated all the PTFs included in CARS1805 with an SMP/E “SOURCEID=CAR1805”. 
5) Updated 100+ product news pages announcing the new CARS1805 level with the following snippet: 
“In support of our mainframe Preventive Maintenance methodology, CA Technologies Mainframe Business Unit is pleased to announce the availability of the CARS1805 level. Click here for additional details.” 
6) Created a new discussion announcing CARS1805 on the CA Mainframe Community site. 
7) Tweeted a similar announcement from the @CAMainframe account. 
8) Staged a CARS1805 announcement to appear on the Software Status panel on customers’ instances of CA CSM. 
9) Announced the availability of CARS1805 on Mainframe Yammer.