Calendar updates do not automatically apply to schedules
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Calendar updates do not automatically apply to schedules


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


A Calendar which is assigned to multiple Schedules is changed, but the change do not apply to those Schedules.

The following is true:
  • When editing and applying changes to a Calendar that applies to multiple Job/Process Flows, the changes will automatically update all Jobs/Process Flows ONLY IF the Calendar has a past date(expired run time) already selected.
  •  If there is no past date selected in the Calendar, due to either manually removing them or because PURGE_CAL_DATES Job has deleted them, Calendar updates will not automatically update Job/Process Flows that use this Calendar.



Component: APPMGR


This is a known behavior that is being considered as an enhancement request and in review for possible change in a future release of Applications Manager.


There are a couple of solutions:
Ensure that a past Calendar date exist when making a change to a Calendar.
Manually recalculate the next run date using a function that calculates all next run times for all schedules.

This can be done by logging into the Applications Manager database as the Application Manager DB user and running the following:
SQL>exec awapi3.update_scheds;