Timesheet Role and Charge Code
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Timesheet Role and Charge Code


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When you populate a timesheet you may see different behaviors on some of the fields.

How these fields populate is based on various criteria.


When timesheets populate there are times when the fields Role, Charge Code, Input Type Code are automatically filled in for each line.
Other times one or some may be blank.  Why is that?


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


When a timesheet is populated it looks at the associated project and resource to determine if the fields can be populated to the timesheet.

For example, 
If a task has a specific charge code when the task is added to the timesheet, the charge code will populate.

Same for team role.  If the resource has a role on the project the timesheet will use that role.

Input Type Code comes from the resource, therefore if the resource has an input type code on their Resource Properties this field will always populate.

Some things to take into consideration

- If you populate a timesheet and the charge code is already populated and you then change the charge code on the task, the timesheet charge code does not automatically update.  You would need to repopulate the timesheet or change the charge code on the timesheet.

- If the role on the team is changed after the timesheet was populated causing the wrong role on the timesheet,  financial transactions may use an incorrect rate if the rate matrix uses roles in the rate calculations.