Automation Engine intermittently goes into TROUBLE status
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Automation Engine intermittently goes into TROUBLE status


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Applications Manager's master (Automation Engine) intermittently goes into a TROUBLE status. Other behaviors include:

  • Restarting Applications Manager will randomly resolve TROUBLE status
  • Updates to client do not take effect such as activating or deactivating the QUEUES
  • Random performance issues
  • Missing Session IDs in RMI Servers Connections window (View > View Connections > Rmi Servers Tab)


Component: APPMGR


Applications Manager connection to database process 'sleep' and 'wake up' on DMBS Pipes. Pipes are instance-specific, so if CA Automic Applications Manager processes are balanced across multiple instances, then wake-ups issued by one process might not activate the target process.

For example, the master might sleep on one of the RAC nodes, but the wake-up happens on another node and so the master continues to sleep. Processes will wake up eventually, but this is not ideal because of performance.


Refer to DBA to disable any multi-node database configuration such as SCAN RAC or disable active/active or load balancing. Multi-node database configuration should be set in an active/passive for failover only.