The creator of a Rally custom page is unable to edit or delete a Rally custom page they created
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The creator of a Rally custom page is unable to edit or delete a Rally custom page they created


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Rally On-Premise Rally SaaS


A user is unable to edit a custom page that they created.  The user is able to edit/update apps on the page, but nothing at the page level itself, such as edit or delete is allowed. The following error is returned, "Access denied".



Component: ACSAAS


Possible Causes:

  1. Another Rally Administrator (with access to more projects) edited the page and added projects the original user did not have access to.
  2. A new project was created (copied from a project with the shared page) and "shared pages" were copied during the project creation, but the user permissions were not copied.
  3. The permissions to a project included in the shared page were revoked from the user by an Rally Administrator.

Notes:  If a project listed in the shared page is closed, there will be no effect on the custom page with the exception of the project not being visible in the projects list when editing the shared page.


The issue was reproduced in-house with the following steps;

1-Create a custom (shared) page as a project administrator. 
2-Share the page across several projects
3-As a subscription or workspace administrator remove the users access to one of the projects for which the page creator had access to.
4-The error then is presented 'Access Denied' when attempting to edit the page.

In the case of the customer the following scenario caused the error;  some of the child project(s) which the custom page was originally shared to were re-organized and permissions were changed in the process. The offending project(s) were identified with the assistance of a subscription administrator, the project(s) were removed or unselected from the shared page and the issue was resolved.

To resolve the issue; restore permissions for the user in the offending project or remove the project from the shared custom page.