VSAM messages IEC161I during use of Endevor
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VSAM messages IEC161I during use of Endevor


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When a TSO user first accesses Endevor, the VSAM messages IEC161I 056-084, are being issued.  Is there a way to prevent getting these messages? 


Release: 18.0, 18.1 
Component: Endevor Software Change Manager 


IEC161I 056-084, or IEC161I 062-082 messages can be issued during the processing of an OPEN macro instruction for any VSAM files.

There is no way to turn them off, these messages are issued by IBM when the files have not been not properly closed in a previous access because the last request to close this data set was not completed successfully. .
For example, this happens if the user walks away from their desk and their sessions time out (S522) or any other abend in batch or foreground.