Upgrade TLMS without IPL
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Upgrade TLMS without IPL


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TLMS Tape Management


It is possible to upgrade TLMS from 12.6 to 14.0 without IPL ?


Component: TLMS


Important: If you have installed any of the CA TLMS Tape Library Management System z/OS usermods from a previous release, you can continue to use them until the next scheduled IPL, then we recommend that you put in the 14.0 usermods. These usermods include the Failsafe usermod, IGXMSGEX, and the OAM exits (CBRXUENT, CBRUXEJC, CBRUXVNL) if they were installed using the CTSJUCBX usermod. If the CTSJUCBR usermod is used on the z/OS CSI (which simply renames the IBM default exits), then no change is needed for the OAM exits.

Follow these steps:

  1. Back up the VMF and Alog data sets using your currently installed versions of CATVMFB and CATALOGB procedures.
  2. Stop CTS if active.

  3. Back up the 12.6 CAI.CTAPLINK library.

  4. Restore the 12.6 OSI intercept table. 





    Note: Backing up is needed when you have to remove 14.0 dynamically. A new load library is created during the installation of 14.0.
  5. This step works for a single LPAR environment that is not sharing the CTAPLINK. Empty the 12.6 library. Copy the entire contents of the 14.0 library into the current 12.6 link-listed library and issue a "F LLA,REFRESH" command. If you have a Dynamic LNKLST environment, a safer alternative method would be to simply add the new 14.0 library ahead of the existing 12.6 library in the LNKLST concatenation and issue a "F LLA,REFRESH" command.
  6. This step should be used when the TLMS CTAPLINK library is being shared amongst other LPARs.
    1. APF authorize the TLMS 14.0 CTAPLINK.
    2. Add CTAPLINK to the LINKLIST member.
    3. Issue an LLA,REFRESH to bring in the new LINKLST.  

  7. Load 14.0 dynamically by executing the CAS9 procedure with the following control statements for CA TLMS in CARIMPRM:




    Note: For a future IPL, insert the 14.0 CAI.CTAPLINK library in place of the 12.6 library in the link-list concatenation

  8. Start CTS if previously active using the r14.0 CA TLMS libraries.

  9. If you are using the CA TLMS TLTP interface, log out from TSO completely and then log back on again.