Log Analyzer REDO strategy with resume processing
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Log Analyzer REDO strategy with resume processing


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Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


We are trying to set up a Log Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS (PLA) strategy to generate REDO SQL every hour and have it pick up where it left off last time.
We may have this working, but several things do not look right.

The things that look wrong are:
1. The start and end times are not updated with the resume time
2. The R line command shows the same data for two different runs of the strategy.
Perhaps this is how it is supposed to work, but these things are confusing.


Strategy Resume Settings need to be set initially


So in summary the first execution of a Strategy needs to be Log Resume ==> A
A for Absolute meaning you need to specify the specific Start/End dates times for Log Analyzer to use.
These will be stored in the Strategy.
After this you can run with Log Resume ==> R
R for Resume meaning Log Analyzer will start from where the previous run finished.
The Resume amount, say an hour is how much Log it will process.
Where it finishes is stored in the strategy.
At this point you can just keep running Log Resume ==> R without having to change the Date/Time parameters as they are ignored and what is stored in the Strategy is used.