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MSP Save Failed Due to Resource Initials incorrectly being changed


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In the MSP (Microsoft Project) New Driver, when trying to save a project to Clarity, Resource Initials are being changed to the first Initial of the resource initials and the resource name is being changed to the previous resource initials. This causes a Save Failed message when trying to save the project back as the initials do not match those for resources in Clarity


This appears to be related to having Project Server enterprise fields associated with the project. Project Server is not supported with Clarity.


MSP New Driver


Option 1. Disassociate any Project Server enterprise fields as Project Server is not supported with Clarity and can cause issues (such as Projects do not open if there are Project Server Enterprise Fields associated with the project)

Option 2. Save the project back using the MSP Legacy Driver (supported through Clarity15.6)

  • When saving the project back using the legacy driver, ensure that you are on a Clarity supported version of MSP with the legacy driver with no Microsoft Project updates
  • Then, if opening the project in the MSP New Driver  ensure you are on a Clarity supported MSP New Driver MSP Version including a supported Microsoft Project update (see Microsoft Project Monthly Patches Impact on Clarity )


  1. In MSP, go to View->Resource Sheet
  2. Copy and paste the Resource Name value (if showing as the resource's Clarity User ID) into the Initials field
  3. Save the project back to Clarity

Additional Information

For other causes of the Project Save failed error see: MSP Project Save Failed Errors - Master KB

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