Copying the CA-View SARRECV dataset to new volume
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Copying the CA-View SARRECV dataset to new volume


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We have a single CA View database that has an associated SARRECV dataset that needs to be moved to a new volume.

Is it possible/safe to move this SARRECV dataset independently of the rest of the database and still keep it synched with the database? Or is it necessary to run CA View utilities to unload/load the entire database, index, and SARRECV datasets together? What is the best method to use in a case like this?




No problem moving/copying the SARRECV dataset! You have several options for accomplishing the move and no, it is not necessary to use CA View utilities to unload/load the file to keep it in sync with the database.

The CA View recovery data set is used by the archival started task and during the recovery process to maintain and obtain information on the primary tapes used in the backup process.

The easiest method for you to use would be to use TSO functions like 3.2 to do the RENAMING and to ALLOCATE a new file. Then a TSO 3.3 to COPY the old dataset into the new one.

The requirements for moving and copying the file would be:

1. The SARSTC task would have to be DOWN so that the SARRECV dataset is not allocated to an active STC.
2. Move the file to the same type of DASD unit (i.e. 3390 to 3390)
3. Make sure that the SARSTC has ACCESS to the NEW PACK that you are going to move the file to.
4. Don't change any of the SARRECV files required DCB characteristics (Allocated Size=1 track, Organization=PS, RECFM=F, LRECL=12288, BLKSIZE=12288)

Additional Information

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